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The Over-Wintering Experiment

The Over-Wintering Experiment

With only one season of hydroponics experience under my belt I still have a lot to learn. With soil  based chilli plants it is common practice to trim them back and let them hibernate over winter due to the low winter temperatures and morning dew, unless of course you live up north and use a grow tunnel or greenhouse then your plants may just survive the winter. My question was can my semi-outdoor plants survive the winter elements by applying the same over-wintering technique used with soil plants? One way to find out! Here are the before and after photos of my extensive trim:

20130217_115621 2013-04-13 13.11.35


After about a month the plants still showed signs of life and started to sprout new leaves which in by books is great news, but winter still hadn’t really hit full swing.

IMG_20130427_162756 IMG_20130427_162805


[05.08.2013] Plants are still sprouting new life, some looking much better than others and one which is really touch and go. I am actually really impressed with the plants considering I did not even use a tank heater!

More to come…

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