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Chilli Vodka

Chilli Vodka

Since I enjoy both booze and the burn from hot chillies I decided it was an awesome idea to combine the two of them and see what would happen. Because capsaicin (the chemical in chilli peppers that makes them hot) can be extracted from peppers using alcohol or even vinegar I really didn’t need to do too much.

Be warned, the vodka can get crazy hot if you are using some super hot chillies such as Bhut Jolokias which is what I normally use so I recommend having a small taste every now and then and remove the chillies once the required heat level is hit. I used a combination of F1 hot chillies and Bhut Joloki’s the first try but using even just a single super hot will result in some good warmth. If you just want mental heat levels go ahead and use 10 super hots and never take them out!

To make this I simply removed the stalk then cut them all in half, finally insert them into the vodka bottles. I find it is best to leave them for a few weeks until the colour drains out of the chillies and they start to turn yellow/white in color. You don’t have to worry about heating it to kill the bacteria as the alcohol will do that for you, making this really easy to do. Enjoy!

The chillies cut up ready to be put into the vodka bottles.

4 Bottles of yum yum juice - Chilli Vodka

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