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Unfortunately S.Planner has stopped

Unfortunately S.Planner has stopped

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 last week and found that straight out of the box the S Planner calendar app would throw the error ‘Unfortunately S.Planner has stopped.’

I updated the Samsung software and rebooted the device but no resolve, finally I managed to fix it with the following process:

From the Settings menu select ‘Applications Manager’, now click on the ‘All’ option up the top right. Scroll down and find S Planner and click on it. In the App Info screen click the ‘Clear Cache’ button and then click the ‘Disable button’, now click the ‘Force Stop’ button, and finally now click the ‘Enable’ button and your S Planner app should be working again.

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  1. Thanks so much! Your post has been so helpful in addressing a similar problem in my phone!

  2. hey.. thnx. my s3 gave the similar problem.

  3. This hasn’t helped with my galaxy tab 2 – any other suggestions?

    • Not too sure what else you can do other than a factory reset sorry. Obviously backup first or ensure your google account is configured and recently synced, if you do this then after the reset your apps and other data will be synced back to your device. If that is too much of a major for you then back to google search it is for you! Good luck.

  4. Thanks Buddy, it works

  5. I tried this but noticed there wasn’t any ‘enable’ button. However, I left App Mgr and then returned to it only to find S Planner enabled and a little cache starting to occur. Unfortunately the error still occurs. Any other thoughts?

  6. still have problems after taking steps above … cannot add events without the program crashing and same notification as above . . .any help appreciated!

  7. thanks thanks!

  8. Thanks Scott!

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