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2013-2014 Chilli Growing

2013-2014 Chilli Growing

[02.08.2013] Its seeding time again! In order to get an early start to the season I put my seeds down almost a month ago now and have already potted some into small plastic pots. I have moved all my seedlings from the fluorescent light to my main 400W grow light. Things are going pretty well so far, the only issue is that many of the seeds I bought from King Seeds have not sprouted yet most of the ones I kept from last season have. Here are some pics from a week or so ago.

IMG_20130617_185952 IMG_20130617_185946IMG_20130724_165414 IMG_20130724_165432

[05.09.13] Just a small update. I have moved 3 reaper plants into hydro (plus one cayenne) and they are my only 3 remaining plants as I managed to kill some by forgetting to water them so hope they all survive the change of environment. Other seedlings are doing OK now since they got eaten by bugs. Likely to have more plants then I need but it is always good to have some spares just in case. Will likely move some more seedlings into pots this weekend and maybe some others into hydro, will see how I go for time.

IMG_20130905_071113 IMG_20130905_071123 IMG_20130905_071136

[24.09.13] Photo update from 24.09.2013. Soil plants doing pretty well although I found another damn moth which had got to a few but it is dead now.

Last years hydro plants have dropped most of their brown/yellow leaves and have newer greener ones coming out. My little experimental hydro seedling bin seems to be working with only one seedling dead and already replaced and they seem to be growing well.

My hydro reaper plants are surviving but not really growing very much at all which is annoying…hurry up little fellas!

My only issue at the moment is that my light may be too high as last year plants are much higher then others so will try to raise up the others on the weekend and see if that helps increase growth.

IMG_20130924_171235 IMG_20130924_171241 IMG_20130924_171255 IMG_20130924_171300 IMG_20130924_171308

[16.10.2013] My little hydroponic seedling starter has been working well and plants growing nicely. A few weeks ago I also build a new hydroponic NFT system for use this season. Even though the nights are still a little cool I was excited to get some plants into it so I moved a couple of test plants, lets see what happens.

[27.10.2013] It was a long weekend this weekend so I had some time to play with my chillies 🙂 I moved a heap of soil based plants that were under my grow light to outside and into larger pots ready to go into my grow tunnel once that is completed. I also finished putting the frame of my new 6m x 3m grow tunnel together, now I am just waiting on the wood for the base which will probably come after next pay day in a couple of weeks. I also moved some more plants into my new hydro system on my deck as well as moving 4 over wintered Bhut Jolokia plants outside my shed under natural light. Here are a few updated pics.

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