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2011-2012 Chilli Growing

2011-2012 Chilli Growing

This year I was a little late with germinating the seeds and once I did I didn’t really look after them so lost quite a few. I did however decide to this year branch out and grow something a bit more mild so grew a few jalapenos, some habaneros and of course Bhut Jolokias as well.

I also decided to build a vege garden out the front of my house so I could plant them into the ground instead of the large pots. What I didn’t realise is how much more wind there was out front compared to the sheltered back yard so unfortunately most of the flowers kept getting blown off the plants.

I have still had a heap of jalapenos and about 15 or so yellow Bhut Jolokias to date (24/04/2012) but not as many super hots as I would of liked. To help deal with the wind and the fact I missed the season a little I decided to put up a cheap small grow tunnel as a temporary solution until I get something more permanent such as a greenhouse. I have only had this up about a week so will see how this goes over the next little while (some photos of this grow tunnel are down below).

Here are some shots of the grow tunnel and the current chillies growing in there, as you can see the jalapenos are growing and producing really well, I am waiting for some to ripen so I can smoke them in my smoker to make chipotles.

Here is today’s takings (25/04/2012) . Some yellow Bhut Jolokias and some red Habaneros.

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